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Dell helps Earth Rangers cut data centre energy costs

Published 03rd October 2009 - 0 comments - 787 views -

Data centres devour energy. But our 21st-century knowledge enterprises can't function without them. How, then, do we deal with the quandary of data centre energy costs and the resulting impact on the environment? Well, let's take a look at Earth Rangers, a Canadian organization that rescues injured animals and brings them to classrooms to help children develop a passion for a healthy planet.

The organization's headquarters in Woodbridge, Ontario is one of the most energy-efficient buildings in Canada, consuming 79 per cent less energy than similar buildings its size. And Earth Rangers have taken their energy-efficiency drive a step further by upgrading their IT systems to a virtualized environment with Dell, using the company's software and hardware. By virtualizing 44 servers on just three machines, Earth Rangers were able to save 85 percent on energy costs and 90 percent on data centre space. They were even able to use some of their data centre's extra energy to heat their headquarters.

Technology, which is seen by some as an enemy of the environment, can actually contribute a great deal to protecting it. The smart strategy would be to stop calling every corporate environmental initiative "greenwashing", stop demonizing businesses, entrepreneurs and innovators, and work with them to create solutions and partnerships like the ones agreed by Earth Rangers and Dell. 

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This article is archived. Comments are closed.