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COP 16: What Mexicans are saying and what YOU TH!NK!

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Hello my dear th!nkers,

On my first post I would like to present you some of the opinions and perspectives that have been shown about the COP16,  here in the Mexico. Some of them have been written on several national blogs and transmitted to Mexican media. This will give you a broader and larger view about what is being said about the subject.


A cenote in Cancun: The Mayan Underworld
Picture taken from:


In, one of the best known green websites for Spanish speakers, the importance of COP 16 as an international commitment  is mentioned:

“Failure is not an option because it would condemn the planet, its ecosystems and their inhabitants to a catastrophic climate change, this is what civil society organizations warned about the 16th Conference  on Climate Change (COP-16 ), which will be held in our country (Mexico) from November 29th to December 10th , in this year.

This is why civil society organizations like Cemda, Greenpeace, Oxfam and the Heinrich Böll Stiftung, the campaign, launched this day the  campaign “Climate summit in Cancun has to be successful”, in order to require decision makers of the COP 16, that this is the space and time to unlock the global agreements and with this prevent climate chaos.”

There is another article from the online publication (an online magazine written by youth in Mexico). Adrian Monfort, the author of  “Cancun, COP 16 and the fight against climate change”, discussed the importance of this event for this generation and future ones:

“This paints a critical picture, where the needs of specific agreements between countries become urgent and the time to make them happen is minimal. Mexico, as a host and participant of the previous meeting (COP 15) actively promoted last year’s negotiation for a new global agreement, and because of their own failure, they reaffirmed its intention to do in Cancun.

For us, as young people and citizens of the world,  this has major implications, as it will be us who'll be living in a world increasingly degraded by environmental changes. “


At the blog, they considered very important what civil society organizations and social movements in Mexico, and in the world will be doing about the event :

"There have been minimized the expectations of the Conference - COP-16: We have observed there are firm proposals from developed countries in the negotiating table, in terms of risk mitigation and is multilateral trading system. Therefore, the social movement and civil society organizations in Mexico, and in the world, will discuss in Cancun our proposals to tackle the problem through peaceful demonstrations, and they will hear the diversity and plurality of our voices."

Finally, written in the webpage (meaning Mexico Do Something), there’s an article written by Alejandra Biotes, where she talked about how COP 16 attendants will be able to learn more and take advantage about the natural resources Cancun has to offer:

“Recently a delegation of activists, from Copenhagen, was visiting Puerto Morelos to see up close the facilities and services which account there.

The members of NGOs, who visited Puerto Morelos chose the areas of cenotes and other natural areas, for those attending the summit camp out there, within the nature. This could be a good excuse to enjoy the natural scenery that our country offers, or the most affordable option to be present in discussing the future of the planet?”


In this picture (taken from a local Greenpeace blog in Mexico - from a city called Guadalajara- ) in the orange parts it says "Copenhague: Scene of climate change" "Mexico: Will this continue?". The yellow banner the activists in the picture are holding says " Politicians: you failed. Solve your climate disaster! "

I would like to know what are your opinions on this climate change summit. Why should it be different from last one? What can we do, as journalists and blogguers, in order to help our representants make the appropriate decisions and actions to combat climate change?

Thank you!

(Andrea Arzaba, October 2010)

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Giedre Steikunaite on 10th October 2010:

Hola Andrea!

Are you in Mexico now? Would be interesting to know what Mexican people think about the COP16, not only those already involved in climate justice in one way or another. Have you heard of any massive protests being organized?


Helena Goldon on 10th October 2010:

Hi Andrea,
Well, it seems the COP16 is considered of vital importance.
The problem now is - will it live up to the citizens’ expectation in its decisions that are to be taken and the actions that would follow?

Andrea Arzaba on 10th October 2010:

@ Giedre: I am back in Mexico since mid August my dear! =)
In my first post I wanted to introduce a bit of what you mention, what is happening inside the country about COP16. Some comments are a bit negative, as they say is onlt talk and talk. I will keep my eyes open and post anything relevant I see!

Like in this post:

It says that PROTESTS WILL BE THERE and will be relevant as they will try to make their voices heard!

Andrea Arzaba on 10th October 2010:

@ Helena: They are saying that this time, the conference is supposed to be different. Just as I mention in this post, there is this campaign “Climate summit in Cancun has to be successful” (or in Spanish : La cumbre climática en Cancún debe ser exitosa ) where they say that “failure is NOT AN OPTION”. We will see what happens…

Kevin Rennie on 27th October 2010:


There seems to be little awareness of COP16 in Australia. It won’t be difficult to exceed the low expectations. Meanwhile, climate change permeates our daily media: politically, technologically and economically. there is some optimism following the political debacle here this year. More in my future posts.

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