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COP15, bigger than life

Published 17th November 2009 - 8 comments - 4324 views -

I'm getting a little confused. Just when you thought things would eventually get better for the COP15, there it comes. First Obama warns that there will be no deal: we're out of time. Then John Prescott encourages us explaining why the Copenhagen conference will be 10 times more difficult than Kyoto, finally the consideration that the US is a dead weight on Copenhagen talks, pulling down ambition ever lower. All of this just in the last three days.

Magic of Life / Magia de la Vida

Magic of Life by victor_nuno (CC-BY-NC).

Now, we come to know that the US and China, the world's two biggest polluters with over 40% of the emissions, today said they aimed to set targets for easing greenhouse gas emissions next month, potentially breathing new life into the flagging Copenhagen climate negotiations 1.

This continuous ping pong, while expected, is making me very suspicious, as well as frustrated. But I can understand that their position is not as easy one. On my side, it's all pretty simple. Identify the problem, look for solutions, apply them. Unfortunately, when you are in politics, things are far from being this easy. Obama and Jintao had a lot to talk about: Tibet, human rights in China, internet censorship, trade, Iran. And then, of course, climate change.

Being a politician, especially at this level, is very much like being a juggler: you need to keep things in balance, you have may balls in your hands, each of which plays a role in the success of the performance, and if you don't pay enough attention, they will fall to the ground. However, there is a catch: the balls are connected with a wire. That means, if you let one down, they all fall.

We all play a role in this big game: the outraged blogger, the "evil corporation", the corrupt politician, the environmental activist... but in the end, we are all people. We all have the same final goal: preserve life on this planet, especially ours. If you have any notion of biology, however, you would know that species are inter-connected, and that we can't live by ourselves. In the face of the obliteration of the species, economic growth, profit, class, the old appeals to racial, sexual and religious chauvinism, to rabid nationalist fervor, seem utterly irrelevant. Some of us just seem to forget what's most important.

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Aija Vanaga on 17th November 2009:

It is so nice to read your blog. Great comparisons!

Adela on 17th November 2009:

I don’t think humanity forgot what’s important.
But although the final goal is to preserve our own life, individuals try to attain it differently. Hence, all the divergences & fights.

Federico Pistono on 17th November 2009:

thank you ^_^

Federico Pistono on 17th November 2009:

I disagree. Many people get all worked up for the most irrelevant things. Take money. Some people would kill, or even disk to die, in order to obtain an enormous sum of money. Which, if you look at the strict biological sense, it’s completely meaningless.

When I hear things like “we can’t spend all this money on climate change prevention” or on healthcare, or when they do spend money on war (mostly for oil and drugs -> money) it really strikes me: they are in fact considering something completely made up (Fiat money) more important than the most important thing of all: life itself.

Adela on 17th November 2009:

That’s because there are individuals that think they can buy everything ... including life.

Federico Pistono on 17th November 2009:

I fear it’s more than just some sporadic individual, but a widespread consensus among our consumerist society.

Take Vitezslav, for example. He represent a significant portion of the population, and he basically believes that the planet is here to serve our purposes, that free market will solve all of our problems, and that if shit happens we can always move to the moon, or to another planet.

Vitek on 26th November 2009:

I wish you saw and understand
And not just being brainwashed by this neo-communist Zeitgeist movement. You have to understand how much is this elite global warming fraud connected with New World Order agenda.

Federico Pistono on 26th November 2009:

Oh yes. The reptilian-jewish-NWO-911-communist-nazi-neocon-hippie-environuts agenda, why haven’t I thought of that! I need to finally open my eyes to the “TRUTH”. Or was it “the secret”?

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