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Climategate scientist calls global warming sceptic an “asshole”

Published 06th December 2009 - 4 comments - 1829 views -

The debate's heating up, folks. And not just here at Th!nk About It! 

"What an asshole!" declared Professor Andrew Watson of the School of Environmental Sciences at the University of East Anglia at the end of the contentious debate with Marc Morano of Climate Depot.  Meanwhile, the Washington Post is tentatively suggesting that the "Stolen files of 'Climate-gate' suggest some viewpoints on change are disregarded." We've got an interesting week coming up.

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Benno Hansen on 06th December 2009:


“Climategate scientist is right” wink

Vitezslav Kremlik on 06th December 2009:

Andrew Watson was a PhD student of James Lovelock. James Lovelock in 2007 in the Rolling Stone journal interview said, that by 2100 mankind will be extinct due to climate change. Lovelock has gone totally mad.

Watson’s presence at the East Anglia University makes me to ask questions: the concentration of green brains there is staggering. Do they import them?

This article is archived. Comments are closed.