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Human Voices

Published 25th September 2009 - 3 comments - 1550 views -

My first blog, my first post.

Why am I blogging on climate change now?

The answer is simple: Copenhagen. I feel it’s the right topic, at the right moment.

No doubt mainstream media are increasingly covering climate change in the build up to Copenhagen’s summit in December. But what sort of stories are they telling us? How are they informing us on such a complex issue? What comes to our neighbor’s mind when discussing global warming? Do we really know what will be at stake when world leaders meet in three months time? Are we aware about who’s paying the highest price for the climate chaos rich countries have caused?

And wait a second... what do the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people actually TH!NK ABOUT climate change?

“Human Voices”, this great video produced by the "TckTckTck" NGO climate campaign, has helped me pick up the angle I want to reflect in my climate blog.

I’ve got a reason to write. I’ve got almost three months to go. So let’s get started!

I encourage my fellow bloggers and journalists around the globe to contribute to make the public debate around climate change more human - not just political.

Climate change is about people.

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Lens on 26th September 2009:

Thank you for the explanation.

Paul Montariol on 23rd November 2009:

I think I receive your message!
With a friend we think that we must be positive.
You can understand that if you read about Erickson and his Hypnosis.
You must understand that you cannot speak to your unconscious with negative words. You must use positive words.
The crowd understand as unconscious for one person!
I you understand that you do not loose your time!
Erickson is a very smily man!

Paul Montariol on 23rd November 2009:

His website:

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