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Climate change still naturally occurring, based on flawed science and linked to moon volcanoes

Published 12th August 2011 - 2 comments - 2252 views -

Thought the public debate over climate change was over after the onslaught of COP15 related climate change buzz in 2009? Wrong! The hard core deniers are still unfazed by reality.

The honest skeptic has been convinced by the steady flow of scientific reports supporting anthropogenic climate change. The friendly colleague has quit the lame anti-science jokes after plain experiencing reality such as extreme weather events even in the comfort zone of the western world. Most of those indifferent to impending catastrophe have become less likely to oppose rational preparedness and prevention. Normal people with some interest in the environment have become as resolved as ever although perhaps disgruntled with politics.

But the hard core dishonest deniers have just turned up the flame war. First, take a look at some recent examples of mind boggling insane climate change denial; then consider the aspects of communication at play here. Presented in chronological order since ranking the idiocy is too big a job.

Climate change is linked to moon volcanoes

To get an idea of just how desperate the denial media are to disprove science we need look no further than to FOX NEWS. Whose science news, by the way, are now entirely sponsored by Exxon Mobil. July 27 a FOX journalist asks a scientist, who is talking about research on moon volcanoes, if his latest discoveries could in any way be linked to climate change. Nice try de-linking it from our unprecedented emissions of carbon dioxide, FOX. Notice the look on the scientist's face as he's struggling to comprehend the bottomless ignorance of the question.

Jaw dropping denial.

Climatology is flawed because we don't understand satellite data

One of the more typical bulletins: A short article by someone largely unknown to the climate science community published in an obscure journal gets misinterpreted and blown out of proportion in main stream media. July 29 FOX NEWS took a questionable paper about satellite sensoring written for geographers and published it as evidence climate models were wrong in their predictions of heating.

Proceed to RealClimate for full debunking of the silly little journal paper.

Just the typical denial.

The Greenhouse Effect is wrong - violates 1st law of thermodynamics

August 6 FOX interviewed weather forecaster Joe Bastardi who managed an incredibly concise display of scientific incompetence. First, the greenhouse effect is misrepresented by claiming it says the CO2 molecules create the heat (their rising concentration traps the heat, not the same). He also recycles another flawed denialist claim that human contributions to the natural carbon cycle are insignificant compared to the vast natural sources.

Proceed to Scientific American for full debunking of his rubbish.

Ignorant denial.

Children's cartoon is alarmist propaganda

Stephen Colbert report on the recent heat wave, Sponge Bob and... oh well, just watch it:

Childish denial.

Prayer better than science

Update: Can't believe I missed Texas Rep. Mac Thornberry Says ‘Prayer For Rain’ Better Solution To Texas Drought Than ‘Flawed’ Climate Science. Proceed etc.

Fundamentalist denial.


FOX NEWS is leading the way by denying scientific fact with distortions, logical fallacies, lies and stupidity by reporting even more of the same. Only stupider. And if anyone is planning to win over some of those unfortunate to believe in their ridiculous misinformation there is one important lesson to learn: stupidity is immune to rationality. Other tools are needed. Not sure what kind, though – psychological, chemical, surgical, legal?

For the rest of us, here is a few pinches of actual recent climate change news: Researchers from Massachusetts institute of Technology (MIT) have found arctic melt is happening much faster than predicted by IPCC models, John Cook at has summed up the definite signs we're causing global warming in a nice graphic (illustration below) and astroturfing (deliberately spreading of false news and information to promote political or business agenda) has been scientifically proven to work. I know: the real news are more depressing than the false.

How we know we're causing global warming

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J.C. Moore on 15th August 2011:

That’s a great article. I notice that you didn’t allow comments on Newsvine. What? Did you not want SpaceGuy and his friends saying” Right on, see we told you.”

Benno Hansen on 16th August 2011:

That would have been great! But I just figured keeping track of comments in one place would be more than enough wink

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