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Climate Change in the Fork III – What? It’s not meat???

Published 13th January 2010 - 2 comments - 2039 views -

Climate Change in the Fork III


“You’re a vegetarian? But then what do you eat?”

The answer is: loads of stuff. I wrote it in Climate Change in the Fork I and II: Becoming a vegetarian and already a lower meat consumption may broaden your horizon. Yes – it is cutting out a part of the meal the majority of the population is used to. But this means that you have to look for alternatives. And there, in the normal supermarket, right next to the packaged, cut-out animalparts you can find them; tons of meat-replacers in all forms and variations. There are steaks, schnitzels, sausages, chicken nuggets, filets, simply everything. Just plant-based.


“really? I have never heard of these”

Is an answer I get a lot, telling about these delicious alternatives. Others know about their existence but have never really come to try them.

I will make this a fair deal and write out one little truth ahead. Even though they do remind of meat, they do not taste exactly the same. Some are even better.


“But which ones?”

Well, in order for you not to make the wrong choice I made a little (and pretty delicious) self test. In a long-term-eating-action several meat replacers had to survive a hard taste comparision. The three criteria were consistency, piquancy and products get and the products could achieve a maximum of 5 stars.   


First there is the (drummroll) veggie wiener schnitzel  

This one is a real eye catcher as it is impossible to find the visual difference to a real schnitzel. But if it tastes alike is another question.

Consistency: 2/5

Not very convincing. The crust is a bit soft and the inside of the schnitzel bites a bit hard. The other way round would have been better.

Piquancy: 3/5

The spiciness is okay. It pleases the tongue and is neither too hot nor too flavorless. However I after some bites I found it somewhat salty.

Overall rating: 3/5

Even though the veggie Schnitzel is definitely a nice bite it could not bring me to veggie heaven.  The taste is good but the saltiness and the strange consistency lower the enthusiasm over this (still tasty) meat replacer.


The soy burger (mild)

This “burger” does not claim to be a certain kind of meat. From the outside it looks a bit like a normal vegetable burger (the ones that fall apart when you touch them). But before we make an early judgment let’s see how it scores.

Consistency: 5/5

It turns out that any visual concerns were misplaced. This burger is quite stable and biting it neither feels to hard nor to soft. A great chewing experience!

Piquancy: 4/5

It sais it even on the package: this burger is mild. This does not mean that it is bad. Actually not at all! Even though I personally prefer a bit more spices on my food this meat replacer found a very nice balance.

Overall rating: 5/5

This is definitely one of my favorites! The burger has a perfect consistency combined with a very good flavor. And I do not seem to be alone with this preference. So far almost everybody I presented this food to was taken with it. I very much recommend you to give it a try.


The vegetarian Wiener Sausage

There is a avast array of different kinds of vegetarian sausages. But one of them, the Wiener one attracts me the most. (is it because of my nationality? wink ) I was glad to see that it also exists in a cruelty-free form.

Consistency: 5/5

There is few difference to the consistency of a real sausage and the existing difference is quite unimportant. Eating them they seem a bit softer. However this doesn’t weight in negatively at all.

Piquancy: 5/5

Who looks for the taste of a real sausage will be disappointed, who looks for something better will be happy. No, really. This is great food. The sausages are quite spicy without exaggerating. A mouth-watering taste experience.

Overall rating: 5/5

What should I say? The real sausages I did not like very much. These ones I loved. Just another positive side effect of a meat free diet or meatless days.


The most important part...

So after this little game, let’s be real. Probably most of you don’t find exactly these products in your local supermarket and the pattern of meat replacers I covered is small. But therefore you will probably find other variations in the store close to you. They are everywhere and replace everything. 

The message here should rather be: Go out there and leave your habits aside for a moment. Try these delicious variations that are directly in front of everyone’s mouth! A vegetarian day could be a perfect opportunity for this – because apart from being delicious they also:

  • do not even get close to the horrible waste of resources and energy that comes along with real meat.
  • are way(!) more climate friendly
  • are very healthy
  • are cruelty-free.

Go and find out how good sustainability can taste!

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