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Climate Change & Creatures: Thousands of toads missing in north Ghana

Published 15th November 2010 - 1 comments - 749 views -

For nine good years now I have not set my eye on the "precious toads" that used to hop in my daddy's backyard. They have conspicuously missing from the system. Why?

The temperature in northern Ghana has become too hot for their likely. The weather is extremely hot and toads can not survive in such environment. They hardly multiply in hot areas because their eggs need cool environment to hatch (am not a scientist though) but staying close these creatures gave me the clue.

Their eggs are too delicate that it needs some form of moisture or water spring on it almost every minute to propel the embryo to develop faster and active. This kind of weather could not be found in northern region again.

The temperatures now range between 25-35 degrees Celsius at night and 30-37 degrees Celsius during day time. This is unbearable weather to say the least. The weather in Northern Ghana had changed considerately from moderate temperatures to extreme hot one driving away some species of animals including my favorite pet "toad" to semi-humid or humid areas.

A larger population of toads could not have made to the cooler environment because we are nowhere near such environment; at least thousands of these toads could have died trying to make to river bodies.

In northern Ghana the women rely mainly on Shea butter processing as their mainstay of the economy. However Shea butter could not survive in heat endemic environment and is best processed under cold temperatures. This has become impossible to store Shea butter because of the extreme heat dwindling Shea butter processing. This has also impoverished many a woman in northern Ghana.

At the beginning of this year for instance, Ghana Meteorological department issued a frightening statement, "This year northern Ghana will not received enough rains, but tender storms. There is an expected food shortages because the area is food basket".

But not too long after that statement rains set in abundant and farmers were crying because they could not plant. Storms were not as strong as it has been predicted by Meteo department. Now the area is flooded as a result of heavy rains displaced thousands of people. The meteo department however blamed their failed forecast on outmoded equipments eeh beeii, what a failure. In the 1992 Constitution, the department should have been charged with causing fear and panic it was private individual or political opponent.

That just by the way, the weather is certainly unpredictable. the vanishing of toads in my daddy's backyard and other animal species including earth warms is an indication that all is not well with our environment. There is need for strategies to re-green our environment to attract as many as animal species back into the system.


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Radovana Jagrikova on 22nd November 2010:

Very nice beginning of the post smile

However, I guess I cannot fully imagine how it feels like for the women earning their living with Shea butter - to move still closer to poverty just because it’s too hot…

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