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Clever „Concrete“ Bacteria Can Reduce Global Warming

Published 24th November 2010 - 0 comments - 2190 views -

Nine Newcastle University students formed a team and won International Genetically Engineered Machines contest (iGEM) organized by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, Boston. This would not be such amazing news (though Newcastle team beat another 129 teams), but the reason why they got gold, is.

Their research focused on bacteria named ‘BacillaFilla’ that likes to "eat” concrete and by doing so it can repair cracks in concrete structures as it produces special "glue".

Newcastle University website says: “Joint project instructor Dr Jennifer Hallinan explains: “Around five per cent of all man-made carbon dioxide emissions are from the production of concrete, making it a significant contributor to global warming.

“Finding a way of prolonging the lifespan of existing structures means we could reduce this environmental impact and work towards a more sustainable solution.

“This could be particularly useful in earthquake zones where hundreds of buildings have to be flattened because there is currently no easy way of repairing the cracks and making them structurally sound.”

Maybe tiny little bacteria can do lot more active and concrete work on reducing global warming than some of the politicians. Go for it, BacillaFilla!



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