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Published 14th May 2011 - 0 comments - 2640 views -

British Council ended their Challenge Europe campaign with a showing of the short documentary Denmark 2025, an exhibiton of the Hungry Planet photos and a few speeches and debate. Below are videos of the three perhaps most interesting presentations - Martin Lidegaard of Concito (green think tank), Marianna Lubanski of Grundfos and Katja Rosenbaum of the European Environment Agency - as well as the Denmark 2025 documentary.



Martin Lidegaard, Concito

Martin Lidegaard of Concito speaking at Challenge Europe from Benno Hansen on Vimeo.

The two most important things that has happened the last couple of years:
1. We didn't get a deal at COP15 in Copenhagen and we will not get it in another ten years.
2. Prices of natural resources and raw materials are going up.
1. Lower taxes on income, raise taxes on resources.
2. Inspire massive investments in green technologies.
3. Take a hard look at land use.

Marianna Lubanski, Grundfos

Marianna Lubanski of Grundfos speaks at Challenge Europe from Benno Hansen on Vimeo.

Katja Rosenbaum, EEA

Katja Rosenbaum, European Environment Agency from Benno Hansen on Vimeo.

Talks were also given by British Ambassador Nick Archer, Danish 101010 chairwoman Bettina Fellov and John Christensen of UNEP.

Denmark 2025

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