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Bucharest Riots: Romanian Civil Society Has Revendications with Environmental Twists

Published 23rd January 2012 - 1 comments - 2154 views -

Following last week’s violences and constant anti-austerity and anti government protests, over 40 important Romanian NGOs have shaped a programatic document that synthesizes political change at the demonstrations in the University Square in Bucharest’s historical center.

Occupiers of the University Square in Bucharest, Romania

“We protest:

1. Against merging of local and national elections, an abuse against democratic principles.
2. Against corruption and inefficiency within healthcare.
3. Against inefficiency of European funds management.
4. Against education’s underfunding, favoring the military and secret services.
5. Against politicians’ support for numerous abuses against the environment: illegal loggings and deforestations, landfills covering half of the country’s surface, introduction of hunting in protected areas etc.
6. Against the open-cast gold mining project in Rosia Montana and against the direct involvement of President Basescu in supporting and promoting private interests.

7. Against destruction of national architectural patrimony carried out by authorities in complicity with realtors of illegitimate interests.
8. Against the arrogance and contempt shown by the whole political class in enforcing transparency laws and against blocking public access to decision-making and participation.
9. Against violations of rights and liberties of the disadvantaged and of minorities.
10. Against abuses and brutality of police and gendarmerie and against repeated violations of free expression and the right to protest.
11. Against undemocratic passing of Government’s ordinances instead of parliamentary debates in matters of utmost importance; against adopting and transposing legislation in spite of lacking impact studies as well as against repeated and chaotic modifications of current legislation.
12. Against abusive and antidemocratic behavior of President Basescu that
- offends and humiliates persons that belong to certain social segments of society and, through this, offending groups that these persons belong to;
- imposes his own personal projects by organizing in a populist and irresponsible manner referenda based on a total lack of information and expertise of citizens;
- fully engages in political partisanship by supporting the party in power in all election campaigns – an issue expressly banned by Constitution;
- leads in an authoritarian way Romania’s Government and abusively taking over legislative initiative;
- understands in a partisan manner what political majority means, supporting parliamentary majorities formed via political migration.

13. Against inequalities within Romanian society, supported by the whole political spectrum.
14. Against a growing tendency to ignore legality, transparency, and consultations with civil society in designing new public policies and legislation.

Furthermore we express our revolt and concern related to the low political and moral qualities of the opposition leaders, acolytes in phenomena for which we blame the political power such as: politicization of local administration, nepotism, corruption, political migration from one party to another despite radical ideological differences, incapacity to reform their organizations.”

There has been a series of anti-government demonstrations in the Romanian capital over the past 10 days. The protesters have been calling on President Traian Basecu and his government to resign over a package of austerity measures, which includes a cut of 25 percent to civil servants’ salaries and a tax increase.

The government says the measures are needed to keep an International Monetary Fund aid deal on track.

Most of the rallies have been peaceful, but there has been sporadic violence. One demonstration that did turn violent last weekend saw more than 50 people injured clashes between police and protesters.

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