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Are Ravens Climate Change Messengers?

Published 27th October 2010 - 2 comments - 1255 views -

Climatologists predict this year´s winter will be particularly severe. There are many discussions going on whether Gulf Current will influence the temperature up or down in coming months.

Meanwhile ornithologists keep studying birds and have found out that ravens are already here! They are called winter messengers and their early presence means nothing but a very, very cold winter.

They came to Brno area, Czech Republic, ten days ahead of their normal migrating schedule which has not happened past thirty years according to ornithologist Zdenek Machar. He also says that normally they come around 21st or 22nd of October, if they come earlier it is just a day or two.

We will see and feel quite soon what the weather will be like. If ravens prove cruel winter, we may go with pure observation of nature around.




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Jan Marcinek on 27th October 2010:

What about other countries? Or this is just in Czech republic?
Nice to see you there Radka ,)

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