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Amazonian indigenous leader Alvaro Tukano’s views on Climate Change

Published 26th October 2009 - 1 comments - 2324 views -

Alvaro Tukano is a charismatic political leader of the Tukano people, that live on the Tiquié river (Brazil's Amazon State border with Colombia). He gives us a critical view of Brazilian politican's action on Climate Change in portuguese and in his native Tukano language.


Declaration by Alvaro Tukano on Climate Change:

Climate change is the result of this atrocity that arrived here with the coming of people that did not know the environment, people who stole this land without making any economic provisions for the future generations. So this, we need to change it. Try through a political consciousness, through education, elect good senators, deputies, governors, that’s the basis for us to deal with the dirt that others made. Because the way it is, we can’t go one, with such a distorted congress, a crippled congress, this we cannot accept, not in Brazil nor anywhere in the world.


This is the first of a series of declarations by indigenous peoples from Brazil collected at the Indigenous Book Fair of Mato Grosso State/FLIMT (with my FLIP/Mino HD!), which took place on 6-11 of October. You will hear the opinions of indigenous holy men, women, writers, leaders, youngsters and elders on: What does Climate Change mean to you?

To see Moura Tukano's declaration click here and to see Olivio Jukepé's declaration click here.


In his native Tukano language:

Alvaro Tukano's declaration in portuguese:

Mudanças climáticas é o resultado de toda essa atrocidade que por aqui chegou com a vinda de pessoas que não conhecia meio ambiente, que saqueou esta terra sem fazer nenhuma previsão econômica para as futuras gerações. Então isso, nós temos que mudar. Tentar através de uma consciência política, através da educação, fazer bons senadores, deputados, governadores, isso é a base pra a gente lidar com a sujeira que os outros fizeram. Porque da forma que está, não dá pra continuar com um congresso tão destorcido, um congresso perenge, isso nós não podemos aceitar, nem no Brasil ou no mundo inteiro.

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Paul Montariol on 10th November 2009:

I read a book of Josué of Castro there is more than 40 years!!!
Brazil has and did not change!

This article is archived. Comments are closed.