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Denmark cries in Sea of Blood, 950 Whales and Dolphins KILLED…

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I stood baffled. WTH was a tradition?! To kill an animal and not just to eat it or to survive, or maybe because it wants to kill you. You do it just for fun and then you`re called mature!? How heroic.

That is normal for 21 century! Still. Some boys on our age do it, without much emotions despite of satisfaction from the sheded blood. DISGUSTING and PITTY for US as HUMANKIND.

We sit here, talk and discuss what to do to help people be aware of the fact that our plantet is slowly dying and in the interim some youths just kill innocent sea creatures! Rare, smart and noble ones!!!!! We are doing nothing. They die there and we sit here and watch movies and photos of brutally killed creatures. Killed from the generation we want to be the sign for the new future of the greener world. Scham und Schande. "Wie eine Träne im Ozean"...

The Brutal Massacre of Innocent Dolphins in Denmark

In Feroe Islands, Denmark every year the young boys of the island go to the beach and kill this innocent animals. The Risso's Dolphin is a playful animal that only feels curiosity towards human kind. When they reach the beach they are trapped by this barbarous people that unmercifully kill every dolphin. By this they prove that they are not kids and now are adults. For God sake!!!!!!!!!!! They are not human at all! They are only brainless beasts!

Thus they showoff their newly attained adulthood. This is an act of cruelty towards animals that only get close to them to play.

It is absolutely incredible that many people are ignorant about this senseless attack to life and that it happens in a supposedly 'civilized' country like Denmark belonging to the EU. Is that the human race has evolved enough for us to tolerate such acts or be participants of such barbarism? Are we blind? Helpless? Or we just say that we are far away?

WIKIPEDIA says that whaling in the Faroe Islands has been practiced since 1584.   It is regulated by Faroese authorities but not by the International Whaling Commission as there are disagreements about the Commission's competency for small cetaceans. Around 950 Long-finned Pilot Whales (Globicephala melaena) are killed annually, mainly during the summer. The hunts, called "grindadráp" in Faroese, are non-commercial and are organized on a community level; anyone can participate. The hunters first surround the pilot whales with a wide semicircle of boats. The boats drive the pilot whales slowly into a bay or to the bottom of a fjord.

Most Faroese consider the hunt an important part of their culture and history. Animal-rights groups criticize the hunt as being cruel and unnecessary,  while the hunters claim in return that most journalists do not exhibit sufficient knowledge of the catch methods or its economic significance.  

As of the end of November 2008 the chief medical officers of the Faroe Islands have recommended that pilot whales no longer be considered fit for human consumption because of the levels of toxins in the whales.

How sad. It`s not considered fit, because the poor animals are not that healthy for the human anymore. WHY? Because they are full of our toxing. That what we pure into the seas and oceans. That what we want to get rid of. And we kill them. Purposely.

Origin - Whale hunting has been a common phenomenon for a long period of time. It is known to have existed on Iceland, in the Hebrides, and in Shetland and Orkney.

Archaeological evidence from the early Norse settlement of the Faroe Islands c. 1200 years ago, in the form of pilot whale bones found in household remains in Gøta, indicates that the pilot whale has long had a central place in the everyday life of Faroe Islanders. The meat and blubber of the pilot whale has been an important part of the islanders staple diet. The blubber, in particular, has been highly valued both as food and for processing into oil, which was used for lighting fuel and other purposes. Parts of the skin of pilot whales were also used for ropes and lines, while stomachs were used as floats.

Rights to whales have been regulated by law since medieval times. References are found in early Norwegian legal documents, while the oldest existing legal document with specific reference to the Faroes, the so-called Sheep Letter from 1298, includes rules for rights to, and shares of both stranded whales as well as whales driven ashore.


Records of the drive exist in part since 1584, and continuously from 1709—the longest period of time for statistics existing for any wild animal harvest in the world. The catch is divided into shares known in Faroese as a skinn, which is an age-old measurement value that derives from agricultural practices. 1 skinn = 38 kg of whale meat + 34 kg of blubber: in total 72 kg. Just like a human.

Period Drives Whales Skinn
1709–1950 1,195 178,259 1,360,160
1951–1960 122 18,772 99,102
1961–1970 130 15,784 79,588
1971–1980 85 11,311 69,026
1981–1990 176 18,806 108,714
1991–2000 101 9,212 66,284
2001 11 918 7,447
2002 10 626 4,263
2003 5 503 3,968
2004 9 1,010 8,276
2005 6 302 2,194
2006 11 856 6,615

More from Wiki here, in case you want to know how to cook whales and dolphins.




What`s more in the network 

What a shame, we have to spread the news in hope that someone can come and do something about this. Without a doubt man is the worst animal on the planet!

It is hard to believe that in this age that this bloody massacre annually takes place on Faroe Island in a country that claims to be a civilized member of the European Union. It is not publicized that this blood thirsty massacre is a rite of passage into adult life for participating young men. It is incredible that this act of barbarism against this species, a dolphin intelligence that is known to approach people with curiosity has not been made public. Please help spread the word.

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"I hate it when I see Japanese and Norwegian fishermen harpooning whales. How is this different from the Taliban beheading some innocent, helpless victim?," asked 'Nuf_Already.  

"If you guys think this is cruel, which it undoubtly is, youtube furtrade and you will see how the skin of live animals are peeled off. I actually could not eat after watching that video," wrote IandonlyI.

"This is a horrible event. They must go to prison for these murders. Please send these Photos to other people. We need to stop this," thinks deran

"I never really fully got the meaning of "the rivers ran red with blood" until this video. It's really upsetting," comments liah.

That is so CRUEL!!!!!!! IT NEEDS TO STOP!!!! 

I feel so very sick – I already knew about this barbaric practice but seeing these pictures is making me feel like there is no hope. What could possibly be going through the minds of these people when they slaughter these beautiful creatures?


And many more like this...

I signed the petition for the stopping the dolphin massacre in Denmark. Do it too. You don`t know what can be your fate in your next life. HERE. 

SEND To: Danish government; What can you do more, read this ARTICLE!

But that is not all. You don`t need to be a wildanimal to die from the human brutality. If you can eat after this video, I applause you. You are totally a new kind of a being - but not a human-one!


"You will cry out to this, but chickens living in cages, MILLIONS of animals, that live in a space not tall enough to stand, not long enough to lie, live in these conditions for years, only to die and get cut up. i think that is much worse than this, years of living in a cage then to be killed, much worse than living free and then having the most traumatic 5 minutes only to be cut with a knife. what would you choose? I totally disagree with this im not trying to say its ok, but inhumanity is all round us, we dont make an effort to change it," writes caruso on digg. And he does have a point...

Bon appetit, COP15 - Copenhagen!

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Vesela Vladimirova on 16th November 2009:

Wow… where are the animal rights organizations?

Valeria on 16th November 2009:


Lucy Setian on 16th November 2009:

I don`t know what is happening, but it seems that I cannot comment from my IP adress. If this commentar shows out that means something has done this intentionally so I cannot comment my own posts. I receive one and the same error 10 times already for 1 hour that I HAVE NOT RIGHT TO COMMENT - ERROR. If the organizers tell me what is going on and who plays such hack tricks would be great.

Daniel on 16th November 2009:

For the record - I wouldn’t call Faroe Islands Denmark, even if they still formally are in some way connected. But in terms of culture and real politics they are quite different.

Whale hunting is very dubious of course. Also countries like Norway and Japan are hunting I think… and also there the issue is sometimes more about national pride than about animal rights.

Aija Vanaga on 16th November 2009:

This is cruel and terrific! Would it be possible to put some mark before the pictures and videos about what they contain.

By promoting this violence in straight posts, we do not prevent violence..

Paul Montariol on 16th November 2009:

I have a friend who have showed that!
It is a pity!

Adela on 16th November 2009:

This happens every year in the Faroe Islands.
And it’s one of their traditions. It’s the same as the dolphin hunt in Japan.

On a different matter, Faroe Islands is not exactly the same as Denmark.

Poli on 16th November 2009:

This is terrible !!! CRUEL !!! someone must do to this poeple what they are doing to the poor animals :X You must definetly put a HUGE mark on this post !! It is so bad i coudn’t read it all ;((((

Lucy Setian on 16th November 2009:

cruel it is not strong enough word. I tried to put remark. this is near the campaign McCruelty of PETA. Welcome back to me. thanks for the support…

Hemant Anant Jain on 16th November 2009:

This is shocking!
Thak you for bringing this to our notice.
Sharing your post with everyone!

Lucy Setian on 16th November 2009:

Thank you all. I hope all will clear out soon.

As for the topic:

You`ll find it interesting. However, the last video here is the most AWFUL one which I have ever seen. I understand now the vegetarians…

Paul Montariol on 17th November 2009:

It is a crime against nature!

Lucy Setian on 17th November 2009:

It is crime against ourselves as thinking “animals”. It`s pointless and savage.

David Hiss on 17th November 2009:

Thank you for this post. It is incredible what people are doing on this planet and how much of is defended with the word “tradition”. Where is the logic in that? Should we all kill our pets, because people did so in the past? It’s insane…

Further I liked that you pcreated a link between cruelty against wales and dolphins with the cruelty against other animals like chickens or cows. Just that this cruelty is supported by the mayority of the population. Maybe it helps more people to realize what it is, they are promoting when they stuff things in their mouths that used to live in torture, just some days ago…

Krikor Srents on 17th November 2009:

as a citizen of the planet and especially as a diver i’m asking myself how this could be true in 2009?

Lucy Setian on 17th November 2009:

I wanted to write about it a long ago and now, when I posted it, I feel better. This is far worse than eating dogs and cats in some Asian countries (I have written on this topic in one newspaper). It is a shame, that here, it is not any necessity. It is like I^m wathcing how the Aztecs have ripped out human hearts in some cult. And more over, the subject of farming animals is that complicated and frustrating, that I cannot imagine what is happening just in this moment in some slaughterhouse…

Lucy Setian on 17th November 2009:

I bet how a diver can feel when seeing a seacreature butchered.

Kristian Kirov on 17th November 2009:

What kind of a ritual is this ? What is next, eating puppies or cutting off babies heads ? How so no one is punished for this ? What kind of a country is this ? Those people should be locked up . “People” - I’m sorry, every one who kills dolphins and wales in cold blood is not human .
That’s just barbarism.

Lucy Setian on 17th November 2009:

If you ask me, for each killed dolphin or whale there must be also punishment covered with blood. Sorry, for being sadistic, but they deserve that!

Jodi Bush on 17th November 2009:

Good god… it’s brutal. I can’t even bring myself to look at it properly.

Lucy Setian on 17th November 2009:

I tried to watch the movie 3 times. Each time I pause it at some point. I`ll do my best to post it in local eco media websites…........

Mike on 17th November 2009:

Awesome. I love meat. These videos made my sandwich taste that much better.

Lucy Setian on 17th November 2009:

I`m sure you like your mccruel sandwich…do u want to post a video or?

Stephen Shinde on 18th November 2009:


This is a brutal slaughter… Guys who are involved in it please stop this. If in case you owns have replaced dolphins who are not your criminals would you have been doing this to your owns…..And wht kind of tradition you are following to prove yourself matured… Disgusting guys… Please stop this…

p b on 19th November 2009:

ppl plzz do sumthing against this….i just could’t see the complete video…

Lucy Setian on 19th November 2009:

Stop this? How do you think we can stop them? By writing a new post? They are mad, what do u expect us to do?

Miglena Bozhikova on 20th November 2009:

Please, STOP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Be HUMANE BEINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Human Beings are full of compassion and mercy!...

Lucy Setian on 20th November 2009:

Miglena, that is nothing…look this:

Mahesh Kulkarni on 24th November 2009:

This is shame on Denmark… Why do you need to kill innocent dolphins to prove that you are matured now…..

Dolphins come near to you to make friendship and you kill them… this is betrayal of their faith..

Someone should do same with you people…

Please stop this…..

Lucy Setian on 24th November 2009:

I hope they will stop this before there are none specimens to save.

Benno Hansen on 24th November 2009:


Giedre on 17th December 2009:

It MUST be stopped!

Y.J Lee on 16th January 2010:

I wish those people will just stop this cruelty. Sheesh, dolphins never did anything wrong. If all the dolphons die, I wonder how will they do their ritual of being mature…

Rachael Koester on 21st January 2010:

I want to make a new ritual to show I’ve matured consisting of dropping in and slaughtering these people in Denmark! It would make this world a better place! Dolphins SAVE LIVES of
people drowning! This is truly sick. These people need a mental institution because their sanity can not be on track doing these barbaric, disgusting, horrific, nauseating, sad, tragic rituals as this. I am saddened today seeing this. I fear for this world, we as humans are killing it. I fear for my son when he grows old in the damaged world we have left behind. My heart bleeds when I see things like this. I can’t take much more.

Kev on 22nd January 2010:

I just can’t believe my eyes…Denmark should be thrown out of the EU…how can any human being do such a disgusting thing?

eople are doing this for fun, and getting enjoyment from it…the human race is truly sick.

This must be stopped.

Lucy Setian on 23rd January 2010:

I`m sorry, but all of that is a reality. Just like the extinction of rare animals for their leather and meat. However, some people take it very serious by practicing it.

David on 23rd January 2010:

I begin wonder if all of you who find the killing of wales cruel are vegetarian. Personally I think that the fate of farming animals is even worse. They live in horrible conditions, get marked painfully right after birth, seperated from their kids, they don’t have space to move etc… Make sure you also watch the second video in this post. IF you eat meat one way or another you support that. I just sometimes wonder where the border between a wale and a cow is drawn…

For cruelty against animals we can really not only blame Denmark.

Daniel Nylin Nilsson on 23rd January 2010:

@David - I completely agree.

“For cruelty against animals we can really not only blame Denmark.”

Exactly… first of all Denmark does NOT have any kind of authority ovrthe Faroe Islands that give them the right to comment on this. And @Kev,throwing Denmark out of the EU would not help. The Faroe Islands are not in the EU today.

If we should critizise Denmark, I think their pig farming is a bigger problem. And not only Denmark, but pigs throughout Europe suffer for our cheap meat… Whale hunting is barbaric, but breeding pigs in horrible circumstanes only to kill them and throw away haf of the meat as waste is barbary on an industrial scale

D Meatsmith on 26th January 2010:

The continued violation and abuse of our fellow animal species by members of our own race is a crime that must constantly be addressed. Out there in the world and at home on our dinner plate. Educate your children, harass your governments and shame the perpetrators at every turn.

Veselina Spasova on 26th January 2010:

I cannot stand and believe that people can be such cruel animals. I cannot stand unmoved and without doing anything. Please inform me if there is any petition or other act that can stop this massacre of whales and dolphins in the world. I have seen a movie called the Cove which can be as well posted here for dolphin massacre in Japan . Let’s not be just viewing but acting.

Amanda on 31st January 2010:

What’s the difference between this and killing deer every winter for food? These people actually use them to eat and turn into rope and oils. Has anyone ever thought about the amount of deer that are killed every year? What’s the difference? Both are intelligent animals (although yes dolphins are more so), both can feel pain. If you’re going to be upset about this than you should be against hunting as well…

Giovanni on 19th February 2010:

The people of Denmark are a disgrace!  Funny how a lot of these Germanic peoples are cold and brutal. 
After seeing this I couldn’t care less if a huge tsunami swept that entire country into the ocean and they themselves were devoured by sharks.  No small wonder I prefer the company of animals to that of the beastly human race.

Jessica on 25th February 2010:

Please let people say: “How can I help?” instead of “I can do nothing”. Thankyou for your work on the Net.
Can I help? If so, let myself know.

anonymous on 05th March 2010:

That mike guy is STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I don’t care if he was being sarcastic. It just goes to show you what men think of in that pea they call a brain. And whoever participates in that he—of a festival is a monster. Doesn’t deserve the name of homo sapiens.

Dhamphire on 22nd March 2010:

Whoever started that tradition should also die the way these dolphins do. They are just so heartless. They look like demons while doing the act.

Mani on 31st March 2010:

I really shocked when i saw those clips and i just can say :


sorry everyone to say some words like this but i hope you understand my anger when I saw those mother fu… were killing dolphins just like the enemy in a real war .

stefanie budu on 12th April 2010:

it’s a shame to see such a beautiful country followed by such a horrifying massacre… how can people do such things? i wonder would we as people be ok if their tradition was to eat us people or found us good for their own production? what say would we have then? the human rights would shut up just like the animal rights? everyone deserves to know!! this is our world, nothing should be kept secret!! we have the right to knowing!!

PJ Roscoe on 14th April 2010:

This whole situation is absolutely horrific! I can’t believe how cruel these workers are to these animals.  It is a crying sin! And I hope that this can be stopped or changed somehow!  What can we do to SAVE these animals and STOP this cruelty to whales, pigs, cows, chickens, and all animals? It is unacceptable for humans to treat animals like this!  So unnecessary.

Iain on 25th April 2010:

Whaling…cultural traditions.  Like guns in the US, idiots sometimes can’t progress and dispite the purposes 100 years ago, some traditions based on real values then have no purpose today…but idiots control countries too…like Denmark…

Regarding the chicken video, this is disgusting treatment of chickens can be stopped very easily, stop buying Kentucky Fried Chicken, stop eating chicken wings at the local bar, think about the chicken you eat, it could be the one in the video that has trouble keeping his eyes open.  Yummy…

Michael Tran on 01st May 2010:

Everyone who is agaisnt this are very narrow minded. This is a tradition, there is nothing you can do about it and you have no right to condemn them. Thus, there is something called the Circle of Life. The human species is at the top of the chain, and the animals are at the bottom. I do not see anything wrong about this as they are killing for food. Where do you think the meat you eat come from. Animals. How do you think the meat from them gets to the store? The same abuse is given to them. Pigs, stuck in boxes until they are fat enough to have their throats slit and turned into ham. Chickens, same thing. Food processing in the slaughter house is abusive, just as what it depicts in these videos. There is nothing wrong, and nothing you can do. You guys are idiots.

Tom on 01st May 2010:

Michael Tran : “Everyone who is agaisnt this are very narrow minded. This is a tradition, there is nothing you can do about it and you have no right to condemn them.”

Killing for food and killing or tradition are different things. If everyone cut off their ears for tradition, is it correct? If people tortured their mothers for traditions, is it right? No!

Tradition has nothing to do with the matter. A wrong act is wrong either way. This is discusting and everyone there deserves to be punished for such a travesty.

The world has changed, food is available through better means. They need to grow up out of their ignorant (yet neccessary) past.

YOU sir, are the idiot.

LIZ on 01st May 2010:

This is why if you do eat meat and animal products it is important to buy organic/free range etc and I make a point of buying British as well as our animal welfare laws are better than many other countries.

I don’t eat much meat anyway since it will not be sustainable to try and support the growing population at the current level of demand for meat. You can feed far more people on a field of vegetables than you can from a field of animals which in turn have to be fed first using up more space.

I’m not saying don’t eat meat, just be careful where it comes from and how often you eat it.

As for tradition. Just because its happened before does not mean it should continue to happen. Times change.

PhatChance on 11th May 2010:

That chicken video is ridiculous. Antibiotics do not promote growth, they kill infections. Growth hormones promote growth. And this is not a reason to ‘go veggie’ but instead, a reason to promote ethical and free range farming.

Also, PETA are full of shit:

Gerry King on 24th May 2010:

Why is it man believes he can do what he likes on this planet and that any other life other that his own has any significance? How arrogant. If we rounded up people and hacked them to bits we would be horrified yet the Danish people have absolutely no guilt about inflicting pain, fear and incredible suffering on an innocent creature. They obviously have no empathy, compassion or soul. How does killing a defenceless animal prove you’re a man? All it proves is you are sub-human…..

Americanlisted on 25th May 2010:

I`m so so sorry, but all of this is reality… Just like the extinction of all rare animals for their leather and/or meat. However, some people take it very serious by practicing it.

Sulpha on 27th May 2010:

These bastards should try their hands on big ass SHARK’s to prove their adulthood….Lets see..the sharks would have a field game with these buch of idiots, and I would actually thank those sharks for doing us a favor by cleaning up the land…stupids

Victor Gaur on 09th June 2010:

Guns and killing don’t make you a man.  It’s the courage to stand for the weak and poor and help them against all odds,  that shows the true character of a person. 

From this day , I have lost all respect for the people of Denmark , and specially those assh***** .

If there is any thing we can do to stop all this cruelty , please let me know , I will donate money and my time for the cause.


Sketch Sepahi on 12th June 2010:

Sigh. Do you want me to upload a picture to the internet where I eat a whale to prove that they’re killed for food and not “just for fun?” Oh, wait. You people don’t care about facts. To you other people are just masturbatory material for your self-righteous indignation.

Gerry on 22nd June 2010:

Well Sketch, if I cornered you, hacked you to bits and then ate you that would be o.k.? If you really are killing an animal to eat there are humane ways to do this. You say “we people” don’t care about the facts, so tell us what are those facts if we are so wrong. Anybody who resorts to profanity in their remarks is obviously uneducated. Give us your side of the story without the insults if you want to be understood.

Sketch Sepahi on 22nd June 2010:

Gerry, insults are quite appropriate in response to a piece of writing like this.

“To kill an animal and not just to eat it or to survive, or maybe because it wants to kill you.”

“More from Wiki here, in case you want to know how to cook whales and dolphins.”

It is quite obvious that whoever wrote this is being wilfully dishonest.

As for your question. Of course murder and cannibalism isn’t ok! What’s your point? Do you truly have so little regard for human life? That disturbs me. I wouldn’t want to be in the same room as you. If you truly feel that way, I just hope the police will stop you before you do any damage.

Also severing the spinal chord and the main arteries supplying blood to the brain, resulting in a loss of consciousness in a matter of seconds (36 on average), is just about the most humane way I can imagine killing a whale. Unless you place it at the epicentre of a nuclear explosion.

If you can suggest a faster, more humane way to kill a pilot whale, do tell.

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