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7 Whales washed ashore in oil zone

Published 15th December 2010 - 0 comments - 1082 views -

The president John Evans Atta Mills has finally pressed the button for the commercial flow of oil from the jubilee field just at the time seven whales have been washed ashore dead around oil exploration areas in the western region.

The plight of these whales however raised concerns about the activities of oil exploration to marine animals and environment and water. The death of these whales occurred in within six months which follows after the first was detected by fishermen near Takoradi in March.

It could be remembered that Kosmos Energy spilled about 706 barrel of toxic substances into Ghana marine waters which attracted a fine of $40,000 imposed on the company by officials of the Environmental protection Agency (EPA).

The washed ashore seven whales within six month space are linked to the illegal spillage of toxic according to fishermen and environmentalists.

 An expert in marine mammals at the department of Oceanography and fisheries Prof. Patrick Kwabena Ofori-Danso once said.

The commercial production is set to begin after today more toxic substances are expected to be released into water that would eventually created problems for oceanic animals. These animals would not have habitat for breeding, and finally be extinct in the long run.

Ghana according to environmental experts has no technology to check water and environmental pollution in the deep seas and that oil discovering in Ghana would create huge environmental problem to both human and aquatic beings.

Human activities such as the drilling of oil and construction of harbor could interfere with the echolocation of whales and huge marine mammals to be stranded.



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