Welcome to the Evolution of TH!NK ABOUT IT!

Published 14th June 2011 - 0 comments - 4668 views -

With the fifth and final round of TH!NK ABOUT IT having come to an end, it is time to start thinking about the next level. The TH!NK team is in the process of putting together a new and improved project and we need your help!

Take our survey and tell us how you want TH!NK ABOUT IT to evolve! We need your creative ideas to bring you a new exciting and challenging project.

One of the entrants will be awarded a 100 USD voucher (in the case of countries not covered by Amazon Global you will get 100USD money transfer). The prize will be drawn randomly.

Let’s TH!NK together!

Also, please keep in mind that in the meantime, we are launching the new round of the CL!CK ABOUT IT, an international photography competition with OXFAM beginning in July 2011. The three month international photography contest will focus on aid related issues and will be held prior to the G20 meeting that will take place in late November in France. Stay tuned for more information: www.clickaboutit.net


*Teaser Image Copyright of ๓ậтëø


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