TH!NK4 Winners Announced - and Other Exciting TH!NK News!

Published 20th December 2010 - 14 comments - 5852 views -

Hello Fellow Bloggers!

As the fourth round of TH!NK comes to a close and we get ready for the launch of TH!NK5, I thought I would explain what will be happening in the upcoming months as well as quickly introduce myself.

TH!NK4 Comes to an End:
We have come a long way! Throughout the TH!NK4 competition, bloggers from all over banded together submitting countless blog posts, all of which focused on climate change. Some topics were discussed more than others, but one thing is for certain, each new blog post opened our eyes to a different way of looking at climate change and how it affects everyone around the globe. This brings me to announce the next and final step that must be taken in the TH!NK4 competition: the doling out of prizes! 

The Winners:
This round's prize list included a Macbook, two Flip HD Cameras, and six 200 Euro Amazon gift certificates. Nine lucky participants were chosen for their outstanding performance in the competition…drum roll please  … And the winners are:

  • Overall Winner and Recipient of the Macbook: Npong Francis from Ghana!
  • Winner and Recipient of the Flip HD Camera: Hussam Hussein from Jordan/Italy!
  • Winner and Recipient of the Flip HD Camera: Komalirani Yenneti from India!
  • Winners of the 200 Euro Amazon Gift Certificate: 
  1. Charles Jungles Nisz Lourenco from Brazil!
  2. Pabitra Mukhopadhyay from India!
  3. Kevin Rennie from Australia!
  4. J.C. Moore from the United States!
  5. Gorky Tyagi from India!
  6. Bhumika Ghimire from Nepal!

Congratulations guys! You will receive the prizes early next year. You did a phenomenal job in this round and we hope to see you again for the launch of TH!NK5!

Introducing the New TH!NK5 Theme:
The next round of TH!NK is based on Water making it a perfect lead up to World Water Day in March. Water is closely linked with climate change and makes for a very smooth transition between the two TH!NK rounds. Put your thinking caps on people and start getting creative! This is a time for you all to start brainstorming about water! There is so much that can be discussed. Not only is there a link between water and climate change there is also a link between water and the developing world, forests, and even fashion.

Registering for TH!NK5:
The competition is open to anyone and we invite journalists, students, and bloggers to use the competition's online platform to share their thoughts and comments on the topic. To sign up you must register here and submit one blog post. Registration enables you to join the competition and your first blog post will qualify you as a contestant. Once registered you will receive log-in and full access to blog on World Water Day and other water related issues. Please keep in mind that the competition begins on the 17th of January and the deadline for all submissions is the 22nd of March. We will announce the winners on the 26th of March and the final prize trip will take place in April.

TH!NK5 Prize Details:

Winners are selected based on the uniqueness and quality of their blog posts. The grand prize is a reporting trip to Portugal! Please keep in mind that the European Commission sponsors 20 winners to participate in the reporting trip. Nationals of the following countries are eligible for this prize: EU27 member states, Croatia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Turkey, Iceland, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, and Kosovo. The European Journalism Centre will also sponsor 4 additional winners to represent the remaining countries outside of those listed above. You must be 18 years or older to be eligible for the reporting trip.

TH!NK5 Gets a New Editor:
In other news, the TH!NK community and platform is getting a new Editor-in-Chief namely, me, Hanna McLean. This means that I am available for all of your questions and concerns in the upcoming round of TH!NK, should you need my help. If you are looking for some extra feedback, grammar advice, or just inspiration, feel free to send me drafts of your blogs before publishing them. Finally, I will be posting daily updates, news, fun facts, and interesting blog posts to help keep you informed, inspired, and excited as you join in the TH!NKing process. 

Meet the Editor:
Finally, I wanted to quickly introduce myself! I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Seattle, WA, home to Bruce Lee's gravesite as well as to famous rock star, Jimi Hendrix. I am a dual citizen to both the USA and the Netherlands, although I prefer to consider myself a citizen of the world.

After high school I came to Europe and studied at University College Maastricht in the Netherlands where I spent the last three years majoring in Media Studies.

After obtaining my bachelor's degree I worked several odd jobs, before coming across the European Journalism Centre, where I now work as an annotator, community administrator, and the new Editor-in-Chief for the TH!NK community and platform!

I am really looking forward to the next round of TH!NK and am excited to get to know you all a little bit better in the coming months. I wish you all good luck and want to remind you that before the TH!NK5 platform goes up you can all join the TH!NK Community where you can keep in touch with me until the launch of TH!NK5. 

Cheers and Happy TH!NKing!
Hanna McLean
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)



Jan Marcinek on 20th December 2010:

Congrats to all!

Kevin Rennie on 20th December 2010:

Congratulations everyone! Great company to be part of.

Delicious irony that Amazon is involved, given our WikiLeaks posts on Th!nk4.

Water for Th!nk5 is a natural fit (no pun intended). We have an excess of it in Oz at present with widespread floods after a decade of drought.

Hope everyone will join the Community. We need to review Th!nk About It so far and its future directions.

Amitesh Anand on 21st December 2010:

Hey guys! Congrats to everyone once again smile I look forward to working with you all in the near future as we wade our way through the theme of water! I wish you all a great holiday and I will see you all back here next year.

Hanna McLean (TH!NK Editor)

Hanna Mclean on 21st December 2010:

Hello all!

Thanks for such a warm welcome! I just wanted to say congratulations once again to the winners of the TH!NK4 Climate Change competition. Everyone did a great job and I am really looking forward to working with you all/getting to know you better in the upcoming months! I wish you all a very happy holiday and I will see you all next year as we get ready to wade through the upcoming topic of water!!

Hanna McLean (TH!NK Editor)

PS Don’t forget to join the TH!NK community for now so we can stay in touch until the TH!NK5 platform is open smile

Hussam Hussein on 21st December 2010:

Thanks guys, and congratulations to everyone! This community was great and I learned a lot from you! Hope to keep reading your posts also in Th!nk5, and good luck for our new editor, Hanna! smile

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to my fellow bloggers!!!

Meda Ioana Balint on 30th December 2010:

Congratulations to all and A Happy New Year!!

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