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Dear TH!NKers,

Below you'll find the more detailed reasoning of why these specific people got a Ticket to Cancun. Please also remember that the main award and runners up are still up for grabs. The EJC is also looking into financing some Extra Awards ourselves, as there are so many deserving TH!NKers active on the platform - as some of you have pointed out. But more about that later, in Johan's posts. For now, take a look at the list below:

Lara Smallman, Great Britain
Lara is simply a great blogger in general - her posts are well-structured and she cleverly uses hyperlinks, sub-headings and bulleted lists to make her message clear. Her topics are diverse and her stories are delivered in original ways. The Quality and Originality are definitely there, as is the use of Multimedia in the forms of photos and videos.

Laszlo Keki, Hungary
Laszlo nicely uses his Hungarian background to give a local viewpoint to a global problem. He mixes journalism with personal input and experiences. As some other TH!NKers, Laszlo cleverly used materials that are available on EJC's Climate Action Conference site http://ejc.net/climateaction/. His is clearly passionate about the issue, which increases the effect his posts have on the reader - he manages to do it in a positive, hopeful manner. His posts are of high Quality and the use of Multimedia  is excellent - the posts are visually attractive and powerful, with great photos and videos. Laszlo also quickly answers to comments and frequently refers to other TH!NK posts, thus Platform Engagement is top-notch.

Line Leonhard, Denmark
Line's style of writing is far from journalistic, but her personal, often even poetic or idealistic, style is very effective on a blogging platform. She uses Multimedia well in the form of pictures and videos. She also replies to comments quickly and exhaustively, and her posts clearly have Impact. Her Platform Engagement is excellent - she not only comments a lot, but also often refers to other TH!NK4 posts, thus increasing the interactivity on the site.

Samuel Lee-Gammage, Great Britain
Samuel is an expert in the topic itself, working as a adaptation researcher, and thus his posts bring a specific Quality to the platform. He works diligently, providing a lot of useful data and links as well as sharing interesting videos. He asks questions and stimulates open discussion. Originality and use of Multimedia are also evident in his posts.

Giedre Steikunaite, Lithuania
Giedre's background in journalism studies is clear. Her writing is of excellent Quality. She asks, suggests, explains, persuades and almost forces the reader to reflect. She uses a variety of sources and hyperlinks. Giedre also varies the style of writing in her posts: essays, opinion journalism, interviews, and chooses her topics well, showing Originality. Use of Multimedia (great choice of photos), Impact and Platform Engagement are all excellent.

Lubomir Mitev, Bulgaria
Lubomir's award is mostly about encouragement. The Jury wants to support Lubomir's ambition to work as a freelance journalist - in these times, when the profession is definitely not one of the easiest ones. His willingness to act as a bridge through his writing between the eastern and western points of view, is also valuable: "Being from Bulgaria and living in Belgium for four years (and counting) also allows me to give the Western perspective on the East, and to provide information from the East to the people in the West". 

Maria E.R. Mannucci, Italy
Maria has a degree in Environmental Studies, and she highlights the crucial importance of environmental education in her posts. Her writing is to the point, showing Quality and Originality. However, the use of multimedia would greatly increase the effectiveness of her posts. The Jury expects her to show Progression as a blogger and a writer, when she gets to cover her topic "from the field". 

Liam Moriarty, USA/Ireland
As a radio journalist, Liam is a rare breed among the TH!NKers. His style is fairly personal - he draws the reader to the story through intriguing, witty writing. His posts are well-structured and he uses hyperlinks well. He then refers to his audio files for full answers. He is awarded mainly for the Quality of his posts, Originality as well as for use of Multimedia. Additionally, as an American/Irish national, Liam brings a trans-Atlantic view to the discussions.

Daea Marius,  Romania
Daea also uses his Romanian background well: by presenting important climate change issues from Romania he gives locality to a global problem. His content is solid, and it is not weighed down by minor language problems. Quality and Originality of his posts are clear, as is his dedication to the topic. The use of Multimedia, especially in the form of large photos adds value to his stories.

Borut Tavcar, Slovenia
Borut is clearly a journalist, and his 20 years of experience in environmental coverage give Quality to his posts - and add value to the discussions on the TH!NK platform. He also uses reflective style and interviews in an powerful and Original way. The viewpoint is Slovenian, again giving locality to a global problem. TH!NK editors want to encourage Borut to experiment with the use of multimedia. 

Raul Cazan,  Romania
The Quality in Raul's posts comes from the diversity in his topics and the versatile way he covers them, especially via Multimedia (videos and photos). He is a solid writer, who primarily uses journalistic style, but also mixes it with more reflective, even informal, pieces - and sometimes science. The use of quotes works well. He uses hyperlinks when further explanation or information is necessary. 

Erik Struyf,  Peru
Eric delivers his message in a clear and persuasive way, with high Quality writing style. He stresses the importance of common people, the mobilization of citizens around the world - an Original and powerful point of view in his posts. Eric also skillfully used insights from the EJC's Climate Action Conference materials. His Peruvian viewpoint adds value to his posts on the platform.

Dalia Lenkauskaite,  Lithuania
Dalia's award is mostly about encouragement. She is a professional journalist venturing into blogging. This blurring of the traditional walls between journalism and blogging is something that TH!NK has been all about since it's beginning. The Jury hopes that Dalia will make full use of the coverage possibilities in Cancun, to experiment with her blogging, especially with the use of multimedia. The Quality of writing and reporting is already there.

Bartolomeo Buscema,  Italy
As a senior scientific journalist Bartolomeo adds Quality to the science content on the TH!NK platform. His very first post, For a Better Linkage Between Research and Decision Making, hit right to the centre of one of biggest issues in climate change policies. 
With the award, the Jury wants to encourage Bartolomeo to use his scientific knowledge and journalistic talents on New Media platforms - and maybe even experiment with new kinds of story-telling via multimedia tools.

Fotis Kafarakis,  Greece
Fotis has a nice, personal style in his posts. He is a hardcore TV news reporter, venturing with TH!NK into blogging. Environmental topics, from a local point of view, have been close to his heart. His posts are Original and of high Quality, and he is using Multimedia - and is clearly Progressing with it. 

Roman Stanek,  Czech Republic
Roman has produced beautiful, high Quality articles for the platform, covering Original topics from Svalbard and beyond. He makes full use of the Multimedia tools such as photos (his) and graphs. His posts also include great tips for bloggers/writers/journalists wanting to learn to cover the topic even better.

TH!NK ABOUT IT is a global competition, which looks at certain elements as indicated in the selection criteria. The Jury is dedicated to fairness and equality in awarding the contestants on TH!NK platform, and will work to reach this overall goal also in the ongoing competition.


Laszlo Keki on 20th November 2010:

First of all, congratulations for all of the other winners!

(As I see most of you forget to write this basic thing, which is elementary not only in sport games but also here in our competition.)

Dear Disappointed,

Who are you actually, the disappointment itself? Without face easy to shoot from the dark. But you are miss shooting. I did not copy, did not steal anything from anyone. Dead Sea is an interesting, open, popular, subject, so can not be owned by anyone. It is not a private story. Can be raised by anyone. Hussein wrote from the Jordanian side I wrote abt. the Israeli side. Pictures, impressions are mine 100% (I was there some 20 times), so regret but you looks childish with this comments.
You are qualifying yourselves with this ugly comments.
You know, even in our cultured, free democratic world here are certain limits and non written rules…: we are not going into the mud and wrestle and not shooting onto the judges and fellows just bcs. someone did not win tickets…

You are free, media is free you can write, hurls abuse but do not forget, you leave your footprints and qualifying yourselves also with your comments.

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