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Message to TH!NKers from the competition jury

The selection process of the Cancun trip winners has been prolonged.
We hope to announce the winners early next week.

Apologies for this delay - partly caused by the high quality of your articles.

Anne Autio
Head of TH!NK jury

Coming Up: New Deadline

You will still have until December 15th to submit your articles and stand a chance to win the Macbook or one of the two HD flip cameras.

The amount of participating bloggers is still growing and we are currently with over 160 competitors.

In the meantime the competition is receiving the interest of the media as well, as can be seen from this article from MSN and this article on the website of  ‘tcktcktck’.

Climate Action Conference/Brussels

This week the European Journalism Centre (EJC) hosted on behalf of the European Commission the ‘Climate Action Conference’.

During the three day conference, more than 100 international journalists covered the event that brought climate change experts from governments, NGOs, the academic world and the media together.

The idea of the conference was to feature debates between policy-makers and environmental thinkers on topics like the growing carbon market and deforestation.

On the impressive list of speakers were names like Connie Hedegaard, European Commissioner for Climate Action and Jeffrey Sachs, Director of the Earth Institute at Colombia University.

Kelly Rigg from ‘tcktcktck’ has written a story about the event.

To get an impression of the conference you can go to the photo-section or the video-section.

Global News

- The European Union has adopted conclusions in the build-up towards the Convention of Climate Change in Cancun. You can read their conclusions here.

-After the World Cup Soccer, South Africa again entered the world stage when it announced plans to build the biggest Solar Power Plant in the world. Costs: a whopping £ 18 billion.

I am looking forward to the new articles that will still compete for the Cancun trips and I wish you lots of inspiration for the articles that will be published after October 31th and give you a chance to win the Macbook or one of the HD flip cameras.

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Laszlo Keki on 29th October 2010:

Dear Johan,
I enjoyed very much the video record of the speech of Mrs. Connie Hedegaard. She is very clear and defined not exaggerating. This is what I like. I am very proud that such a good diplomat and excellent politician representing us. I suggest to all of you to watch and listen to her. You can find it here: http://ejc.net/climateaction/video.html
Rgrds, Laszlo

J├╝rgen Friedrich on 31st October 2010:

Climate is much more then only a menetekel to worry about.

I see huge chances in economy and business FOR A GREEN WORLD. Here some data :
Evaporation of Water . . . uses energy. Condensation sets the same amount free again - where moisture condenses to clouds. Condensing 1 ton of water sets 678,9 kWh free.

In Germany, which covers an area of 355,000 square kilometers, we enjoy an average of 700 mm of rain every year. That is 700,000 tons per square km, or 248.5 x 109 tons in entire Germany,  each giving 678.9 kWh (= 0.6789 MWh) of clean energy into our atmosphere, in summary almost 169 x 109 MWh.

Compared with this, the German consumption in primary energy (coal, oil, gas, nuclear, wind, water etc.) is low.  It is only about 4 x 109 MWh (approx. 500 million tons SKE, carbon units)  (SKE =Steinkohle-Einheiten = “anthracite units”)

Conclusion: It is not the GULF STREAM only which gives Northern Europe a decent climate, but rain - with its heat of condensation.

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