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Over 50 bloggers involved in the 'TH!NK4: Climate Change' competition.

The new competition ‘TH!NK4: Climate Change’ is gaining speed.

As with previous rounds of the TH!NK competitions, also this edition is truly an international affair. Bloggers from The Philippines to the USA and from Kenya to Norway are getting (more) online experience and the comments on the various blog-posts are keeping our writers occupied.

To get an overview about the amount of articles and to get a feeling for what is happening with the individual articles, I refer you to the ‘Stats’ section of the website. The ‘stats’ are however not leading in the determination of the winners.

Our bloggers have another 10 days to submit their articles before the jury will decide who will be going on a field-trip to Cancun, early December 2010.
The final dead-line for the competition is however on the 15th of December. After this date the winners of the MacBook and HD flip-cameras will be announced.


The TH!NK-community is also growing. It is nice to see new bloggers getting engaged with the ‘oldies’. For those of you who haven’t signed up yet, please do so. Last week Friday I posted an article on the community about ‘Promoting your blog(post)’. A new article with more blogging-tips will get uploaded every Friday.  Please remember that the Community is not the place to upload your articles for the competition.

Global News

A few ‘climate change’ articles that were in the news this week:

Mexican Foreign Minister Patricia Espinosa said last Monday that "conditions have not been met" for a new climate deal on reducing greenhouse gas emissions at a worldwide summit in Cancun in December. Read more.

Hot of the press is a statement from the Nogaya Summit on Biodiversity in Japan (currently in progress), revealing a new Biodiversity Strategy for the 21st Century. Read more.

That not everybody is convinced about global warming and climate change shows a statement from the Czech President last Tuesday. Read more.

So far the update for this week.
With only 10 days left I am looking forward to the ‘sprint’ towards October 31th.
Good luck, happy blogging and don’t forget to have fun.

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