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8 days into the new competition….

The latest edition of the TH!NK blogging competitions, ‘Climate Change’,  is under way.
I am happy to announce that we have already welcomed thirty new bloggers that have never participated in any of the previous rounds; a nice expansion of the TH!NK community.
Obviously we wish our new, as well as familiar faces, good luck in the competition that will see fifteen people off to Cancun to visit the COP16 early December (with support of the European Commission).

At the time that I am writing this editorial post, 65 new articles have been added to the platform. We are looking forward to the next entries and want you to remember that the deadline for your articles to win one of the Cancun field-reporting-trips is on 1st of November 2010. All entries that we receive after November 1st, will still be judged in order to win the Mac laptop or one of the Flip-HD cameras.


The COP is constantly in motion and a lot of decisions are being made. To get a great overview about what is happening, I refer you to the site of Convention on Biological Diversity and the COP Decisions.

Climate change and loss of biodiversity is going to cost us (a lot) in the future. One of the spear-points at COP16 is how we are going to finance the reduction of deforestation and forest degradation
(REDD). This report looks at the options.

Global News

The most important global news on climate change was last week’s stand-off between China and the US during the Tianjin climate talks, which could be seen as a preparation for the COP16 meeting in Cancun.  

British experts have managed to put a price-tag on our environmental assets. Five trillion per year.

Citizen scientists/researchers are being enlisted to help plug holes in old climate records. The new historical weather data will increase our insight in our planet’s climate. The project is called “Old Weather”.

Upcoming Events

For those of you that like to visit events on climate change, check out this calendar:

19-21 October: European Future Energy Forum (London/England)
20th October:    4th National Climate Forum (Thun/Switserland)
27-29 October: DIREC2010 (Delhi/India)

On the ‘Community’ I have started to write posts about blogging in general. Please have a look at the first post that deals with tips about your blog titles.
I want to thank you for all your efforts and hard work so far. Keep your pencils sharpened and we are looking forward to your next ‘climate change’ contributions.

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