Covering Climate Change from a Local Perspective

Published 11th November 2010 - 5 comments - 2221 views -

A topic like ‘climate change’ is not an easy one. Unless you are a scientist kept busy by the environmental changes in the world around us, writing and creating compelling climate stories is tough. Especially if those stories come from an 'armchair' perspective.

We often have the tendency to look at the bigger climate change picture instead of looking right next to us. I actually really enjoy blog articles that are written from a local perspective.

TH!NK4: Climate Change gives you the chance to hone your online writing skills and at the same time create awareness of a changing climate. A changing climate that surrounds you everywhere!

Writing about climate change becomes all of a sudden easier when you keep it close to home. Some bloggers in our current competition who are keeping it local include Npong Francis (Ghana), who covers stories about the way the Ghanian government is dealing with climate change and Hussam Hussein (Jordan), who writes about the fresh water problems in his region.

So what is happening in your home-town, province or country with regards to climate change? How is it affecting your life and communities? 

Don't forget, with the deadline of December 15th only 5 weeks away, I am looking forward to reading even more of your articles. As well as creating awareness about climate change, you might also win the Macbook or one of the HD flip-cameras!


* Today the G20 will once again be together for two days, this time in Seoul (11-12 Nov.2010).


Important and urgent problems mean that it won't be a picnic for the top 20 of economic powers. Important for climate change bloggers will be the accusations against the G20 for not having made significant efforts to reduce the promised fossil fuel consumption. What do you Th!nkers make of this?

*700 Scientist have joined a campaign by the American Geophysical Union as an answer to the climate change deniers in the American Congress.

*China wants to decrease its air pollution being emitted during the mining of so called ‘rare earth elements’. The rest of the world is worried as China accounts for 97% of these vital elements. 

*Positive news comes from NYC’s mayor Bloomberg who wants to start promoting electric taxis, as cities can do more for the environment than national governments.

Happy blogging,

Johan (Editor-in-Chief)



Andrea Arzaba on 12th November 2010:

Thank you Johan! I invite all bloggers to read my last post on Mexico and the G20:


Johan Knols / Editor-in-Chief on 12th November 2010:

Hi Andrea,

Can you let other readers know how you spread your blog-posts)?


Hussam Hussein on 12th November 2010:

Hi Johan/Andrea,

nice idea, plz Andrea share with us your blogger’s techniques wink
Thanks again for your post Johan.

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