Cancun Trip Winners Announced

Published 16th November 2010 - 23 comments - 4039 views -

Today we are announcing the winners of the field-reporting trips to Cancun. 

It is the first time that a TH!NK competition is an open competition. This has resulted in 173 participants and many stories from all corners of the planet.
And the competition is not closed yet as the second round of the MacBook and HD Flip camera winners will be announced just before Christmas. So keep up the great posting.

What the winners will be doing:

With financial support of the European Commission, the reporting trip will take place on 5-10 December in Cancun, Mexico. In cooperation with UNFCCC,  the EU delegation in Mexico and TckTckTck, the winners will cover COP16 meetings, both from the official conference site and the digital media lounge and they will visit EU-related events and activities.

For those who want to follow up on the COP16 meeting, the TH!NK platform is collaborating with TckTckTck to feature daily updates throughout the reporting trip. So stay tuned.

Johan Knols
Editor in Chief

From the jury:

Dear TH!NKers,

Greetings from the Jury. After long and difficult discussions, we are finally ready to announce the winners of the Ticket to Cancun-awards.
Fifteen participants are being sponsored by the European Commission. Furthermore, the EJC decided to sponsor one additional award, due to the high quality of the competition.

The Jury consisted of EJC's Deputy Director Anne Autio, Eric Karstens, senior journalist and former Programming Executive for the RTL Group and Johan Knols, the Editor-in-Chief of TH!NK4 whose responsibility it was to keep systematic assessment of the entries.
The sponsor, the European Commission, also actively participated in the selection process.

The Selection criteria can be found here:

The following TH!NKers will travel to Cancun in December to cover the COP16 negotiations:

Lara Smallman, Great Britain
Laszlo Keki, Hungary
Line Leonhard, Denmark
Samuel Lee-Gammage, Great Britain
Giedre Steikunaite, Lithuania
Lubomir Mitev, Bulgaria
Maria E.R. Mannucci, Italy
Liam Moriarty, USA/Ireland
Daea Marius,  Romania
Borut Tavcar, Slovenia
Raul Cazan,  Romania
Erik Struyf,  Peru
Dalia Lenkauskaite,  Lithuania
Bartolomeo Buscema,  Italy
Fotios Kafarakis,  Greece
Roman Stanek,  Czech Republic

The Jury would like to remind all participants that the main award of the competition as well as the two runners' up are yet to be decided. An explanation of the above choices will follow soon.


Anne Autio
EJC’s Deputy Director


Kevin Rennie on 17th November 2010:

Congratulations everyone! Hope someone interviews our Minister for Climate Change, Greg Combet.

Giedre & Lara

Look forward to your dispatches from Cancun.

Andrea Arzaba on 17th November 2010:

I am really hapy for everybody who got in the competition!

I am based in Mexico City, so if anybody would like to see the city (before or after Cancun) , let me know. You have a house here =)

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF OUR TH!NKERS! (and ke’ts keep on participating for the other prizes!!!!!)

Jan Marcinek on 17th November 2010:

Congrats to all! And please, take me a pictures.

Johan Knols / Editor-in-Chief on 17th November 2010:

Hello All,

First of all congratulations to all the winners, I am looking forward to your posts from the COP16 in Cancun.

For all our other participants: As stated at the end of the above article, the jury will soon come with an explanation for the choice of winners.

The Editor in Chief.

Emmanuel Ikechukwu on 17th November 2010:

Em, so very much congrats to the winners. I just can’t hate but my only problem here is I thought this was open globally. Why is it that they chose only (except for one or two) Europeans? It’s a suspect move. I had thought that if it was to be global, atleast each continent should have a representative to the trip. Atleast! Or did they consider the cost. Now they want to start making us feel that this is for Europeans. Anywhoo, congrats once more to all winners and safe journey when you travel. My two cents

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