Bem-vindo a Portugal! A Sneak Peak into the Recent TH!NK5:Water Reporting Trip to Portugal

Published 16th May 2011 - 0 comments - 5834 views -

After an exciting and inspiring competition, which focused on water related issues, the winners of the TH!NK5:Water round packed their bags and jetted off to Portugal for a four day reporting trip that was put on by the European Journalism Centre and sponsored by the European Union. The TH!NKers finally got the chance to meet each other face to face and exchange thoughts and ideas with one another in the beautiful city of Lisbon. While there, the group was given the opportunity to take three educational trips throughout Portugal where they got to learn about, hands on, the importance of water. The trip sparked the TH!NKers’ interests and inspired them to continue writing even after the trip was over. Here are some of the blogs that were posted following the reporting trip:

In a country like Philippines… by Iris C. Gonzales

Lisbon: Our Dream Adventure! by Andrea Arzaba

Th!nk About It: Some Issues (from the trip to Portugal) by Ronny Patz

The European Maritime Safety Agency: An EU communications perspective by Ronny Patz

500 New Cases of Sea Pollution Per Year - EMSA by Sarah Fenwick

How Can We Save Our Forests? The Portuguese Experience by Sarah Fenwick

Portuguese Economists Legal Action vs Ratings Agencies by Sarah Fenwick

Special Report: Water Parallels Portugal-Cyprus by Sarah Fenwick

Special Report on Water Conservation in Portugal by Sarah Fenwick

We All Loved Lisbon by Diêgo Lôbo Goiabeira

It Matters by Elena Nikolovska

I am in Love With Lisbon: Refelections from the Reporting Trip by Anna Zemblicka

Global Blogging Competition on Water Issues by Andrea Arzaba

Putuju─çi... by Larisa Rankovic

TH!NK Reporting Trip, Lisbon by Larisa Rankovic

Los ganadores del concurso "Think about it" viajan a Lisboa by Mamen Salas Burguete

Cinnamon sticks, white seagulls and wastewater by Iris Cecilia Gonzales

Phl urged to consider use of renewable energy by Iris Cecilia Gonzales

Water and Portugal: the Effects of Climate Change by Jason Grant

Along with these intriguing articles, video footage and photos were taken of the trip as well. Please find the video and photos below.


TH!NK Reporting Trip, Lisbon from European Journalism Centre on Vimeo.

Photo Slideshow:

Once again, the TH!NK team wishes to congratulate all the winners on an outstanding job well done! Thank you for all your efforts in making the TH!NK ABOUT IT series such a great success. Be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for upcoming developments with regards to the next level of TH!NK ABOUT IT.

*Teaser Image Copyright of fnkftw.


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