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01/03/2011 Our Opportunity in Climate Change
26/01/2011 Environmental situation in the national parks in Venezuela
10/01/2011 The alchemy in the climate changes?
07/01/2011 "Animals United": A grate film, not only for childrens..!
06/01/2011 Natural and devastating disasters in 2010 in all the world
04/01/2011 Landslide Risk in Italy (Outlook 2010)
04/01/2011 In the absence of common sense, the law about plastic bags in Spain
27/12/2010 Individual responses to heat waves and climate change adaptation (Tyndall Centre)
26/12/2010 The European Environment (State and Outlook Report 2010)
24/12/2010 Biodiversity Year Ends on a High Note as UN General Assembly
19/12/2010 Cancun: a timid step that restores "trust in multilateralism" (Journal "Le Monde"
17/12/2010 After Cancun, the weather is revealed - with videos
17/12/2010 Climate Green Fund (Decision concluding the COP16 in Cancun)
17/12/2010 Save the Planet in Cancun!! (the comments of the COP16 in the Italian magazine "Sette")
16/12/2010 What they are asking italian local authorities for the climate
15/12/2010 Videos in the COP16 Cancun (Cancunmesse and Moon Palace)
15/12/2010 Council for the Forests in Moon Palace (December, 10, 2010) - video
15/12/2010 The reaction by the in the Moon Palace (December, 10, 2010) - video
15/12/2010 COP16 conclusive perspectives: What is expected in the future?
14/12/2010 Mexican culture in the Climate Change Village (COP16 Cancun)
13/12/2010 Conference by the Minister of the Environment in Italy and the Governments of the Pacific Islands
13/12/2010 Day 12 to the COP16 a Cancun (10 December 2010)
13/12/2010 My experience in the COP16 in photos
10/12/2010 Progress Report of the COP16 (at day 09 December 2010)
10/12/2010 Perspectives or suggestions? Venezuela at the COP16 a Cancun
10/12/2010 The Italian Minister on Environment inaugurates the photovoltaic system in the COP16 a Cancun
10/12/2010 Mexico, Costa Rica and Ecuador discuss forestry programs
10/12/2010 Signed an Accord between Italy and Costa Rica for the Climate Change
10/12/2010 Day 11 to the COP16 a Cancun (09 December 2010)
10/12/2010 Day 10 to the COP16 a Cancun (08 December 2010)
10/12/2010 The Italian Minister of Environment in the COP16 a Cancun
10/12/2010 EUrocLIMA – the socio-economic impacts of Climate Change in Latin America
10/12/2010 Initiatives on Climate Change by the EU (delegation in Mexico)
10/12/2010 Funding the future? – Establishing a Fair Climate Fund in Cancun
10/12/2010 Youth Call for Climate Justice through Science – based Emission Reductions in Interactive Demonstr
10/12/2010 International Year of Forests at 2011
10/12/2010 ICFPA message to the parties leading up to COP16
10/12/2010 Health and fiscal co-benefits of emissions reductions: a summary for negotiators in the COP16
08/12/2010 Day 9 to the COP16 a Cancun (07 December 2010)
08/12/2010 Women's and Climate Change, it's possible?
07/12/2010 Words about COP16 by the Dr. Juan Carlos Sanchez, winner of the Nobel Prize of 2007
07/12/2010 Day 8 to the COP16 a Cancun (06 December 2010)
06/12/2010 Green Solutions Forum in the COP16
06/12/2010 Day 7 to the COP16 a Cancun (5 December 2010)
06/12/2010 Day 6 to the COP16 a Cancun (04 December 2010)
04/12/2010 Day 5 to the COP16 a Cancun (03 December 2010)
04/12/2010 Press Conference by Christiana Figueres (Executive Secretary of the CMNUCC)
04/12/2010 Forum about Communication on Climate Change (Cancun, 03 December 2010)
03/12/2010 Yasuni National Forest a Ecuador: a proposal anti - oil
03/12/2010 Warranty collapse on the COP16? Narration of three Italians who are already in Cancun!
03/12/2010 Day 4 to the COP16 a Cancun (02 December 2010)
02/12/2010 Day 3 to the COP16 a Cancun (01 December 2010)
02/12/2010 Realistic expectations for the COP16 at Cancun
01/12/2010 Day 2 to the COP16 a Cancun (30 December 2010)
30/11/2010 Day 1 to the COP16 a Cancun (29 November 2010)
28/11/2010 Welcome COP16 in Cancun, Mexico..!!
28/11/2010 How Climate Change is taken into account in forest managment in France?
26/11/2010 National Commitments, Compliance and the Future of the Kyoto Protocol
24/11/2010 The proposals from Italy about the COP16
21/11/2010 Global Warming by European Climate Foundation
21/11/2010 ROADMAP 2050 (Climatic Project by European Climate Foundation)
21/11/2010 Climate Change Impacts (WWF Italy)
21/11/2010 The European Union combating Climate Change (energy level)
20/11/2010 The Climate Change in Cartoons!
20/11/2010 COP16 hopes to Cancun, Mexico.
20/11/2010 Climate Change Crisis? Real or Not?
01/11/2010 CASE STUDY in process of developing country (Venezuela) - Climate Change and Environmental Education
01/11/2010 Environmental Education for Climate Change Adaptation
01/11/2010 Epistemological field in the study of Climate Change
01/11/2010 Climate Change and Social Responsibility