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17/09/2011 Denmark's new government more green than red
12/08/2011 Climate change still naturally occurring, based on flawed science and linked to moon volcanoes
05/06/2011 Change linked to food security, emissions up, denialism alive and well, scientists threatened
14/05/2011 Challenge Europe > Denmark 2025 / Concito / Grundfos
09/12/2010 "Climate Wars" by Gwynne Dyer (a review / rip-off)
08/12/2010 A collection of COP15 & -16 Wikileak "cables"
28/11/2010 > Climate Change
10/11/2010 Great synergy between today's Onion and 1956 science vinyl
06/11/2010 The Yes Men adbusts Chevron greenwash
25/10/2010 Green Malmö
17/10/2010 Billionaires fund anti-COP16 movement
10/10/2010 10/10/10 Copenhagen
07/10/2010 Climate change activism and politics 2010: A brief summary
05/10/2010 Fresh data
24/02/2010 Food security: climate change and sustainable development (TH!NK2½ part I)
11/02/2010 Sieg heil, Homo sapiens: Eradicating lesser species with biodiversity loss and climate change
07/02/2010 Drunken driving after COP15
03/02/2010 Arch denialist scores own goal
31/01/2010 Copenhagen Accord Scoreboard
26/01/2010 Danish parliament evaluating COP15
24/01/2010 Our psychological issues
14/01/2010 Danish prime minister grilled on COP15
12/01/2010 Climate change - and football!
06/01/2010 Greenpeace gala-activists released
03/01/2010 (Blogpost nine): Th!nking back
30/12/2009 "The gala-activists deserve respect not prison" says Greenpeace
21/12/2009 Fighting for fossils: the al-Fakkah oil field and West Virginian mountain tops
16/12/2009 And the Angry Mermaid Award goes to...
15/12/2009 George Monbiot at Klimaforum09
15/12/2009 Klimaforum09 talks: "Climate change and conflict - the danger of future wars"
14/12/2009 The Naomi tapes
14/12/2009 The state of COP15 increasingly rotten: Secrets about the "Danish text", the mass arrests and more
11/12/2009 Trees can save us
10/12/2009 NATO & Greenpeace agree: 3rd World War is the Climate Change War
08/12/2009 Nnimmo Bassey: "Leave the oil in the soil, leave the coal in the hole"
06/12/2009 Fun with Climategate
06/12/2009 Solar Aid, recommendations, inspiration and brand new cars at pre-COP15 exhibition
03/12/2009 40% reduction possible - only political will is lacking
02/12/2009 December forecast: More denialism and more scandals
30/11/2009 How to save the world from global warming – an introduction
27/11/2009 Danish minister, COP15 host Connie Hedegaard appointed EU Commissioner for the Climate
26/11/2009 Environmentalism is oil
24/11/2009 The big picture of causes and effects: Climate change issues in context
23/11/2009 The South Pole is melting too
21/11/2009 Pick up the November issue of Scientific American
20/11/2009 What Jared Diamond says about climate change
17/11/2009 Delay kills, Pre-COP15'ers
15/11/2009 More CO2 a mixed blessing for farming
13/11/2009 "Yawn, more baseless alarmism" - this time from China and Denmark
12/11/2009 Would you cross the street if you had 50% chance to survive?
09/11/2009 Maldives Minister answering questions about COP15 on Skype
08/11/2009 A history of skepticism: Bjørn Lomborg
01/11/2009 Limiting warming to 2°C: How much more can we drill, baby?
31/10/2009 Survey: 9 in 10 world citizens wants deal to cut CO2 emissions by more than 25% urgently
25/10/2009 The Danes - as seen by young 3rd world hitch-hikers
24/10/2009 350 from Copenhagen
18/10/2009 Food and climate change - save or doom the world while eating
14/10/2009 Something is rotten in the state of COP15
14/10/2009 Predictions of irreversible, unavoidable climate changes
05/10/2009 The sins of Big Oil
29/09/2009 100 Places to Remember - at least 8 of which are to die for
26/09/2009 One Saturday, three events
25/09/2009 Don't believe the truth
23/09/2009 Let's go HOME - to a sustainable carbon cycle