Maria E.R. Mannucci - THINK ABOUT IT TH!NK ABOUT IT #2 en EJC Copyright 2013 2013-04-11T23:25:20+00:00 Maria E.R. Mannucci - Our Opportunity in Climate Change Our Opportunity in Climate Change is a community created in Facebook for share information and news about this issue. International Action 2011-03-01T13:56:30+00:00 Maria E.R. Mannucci - Environmental situation in the national parks in Venezuela Respect for the environment is one of the great challenges of modern society must assume, to be in the future to achieve development, without causing damage to biodiversity. Such reflections have been created by several analysts, who say the environmental balance is the only way to preserve all species on Earth, including humans. Venezuela remains a country with high levels of pollution, many of our rivers, lakes and beaches are victims of human action, which either through ignorance or unconsciousness, is destroying important reservoirs. Natural Disasters 2011-01-26T14:00:04+00:00 Maria E.R. Mannucci - The alchemy in the climate changes? The world's end? The climate changes, the poverty, the wars, all is correlated with the humanity and religion. It's possible that the 2012, will be the year of the decisions. Nostradamus, is the protagonist of this misterious history, that becomes increasingly real. International Action 2011-01-10T15:29:01+00:00 Maria E.R. Mannucci - “Animals United”: A grate film, not only for childrens..! Moviemax Italy wanted to connect the launch in 3D ANIMALS UNITED concrete action in support of one of the most important projects of the WWF, "20 SPECIES FOR A LIVING PLANET". The web site is: International Action 2011-01-07T16:28:03+00:00 Maria E.R. Mannucci - Natural and devastating disasters in 2010 in all the world Natural disasters in 2010 were particularly devastating in all the world. Natural Disasters 2011-01-06T13:11:15+00:00 Maria E.R. Mannucci - Landslide Risk in Italy (Outlook 2010) The Italian cities have areas that are highly critical hydrogeological 6633: fragility amplified by the presence of houses built in high risk areas in 82%of municipalities surveyed. And 'what emerges from "Ecosystem Risk2010", a study conducted by the Department of Civil Protection and Legambiente in the national campaign Operation Rivers 2010. Natural Disasters 2011-01-04T18:53:32+00:00 Maria E.R. Mannucci - In the absence of common sense, the law about plastic bags in Spain Supermarket chains in Spain are launching measures to reduce the use of plastic bags in one of the European countries where they are still most widely used, press reports said Wednesday. The French chain Carrefour has begun replacing free single-use plastic bags with reusable and recyclable ones, which cost between 5 cents and 1 euro 70 cents depending on their quality. The Spanish chain Eroski will give clients a bonus of 1 cent for every plastic bag they do not take. Alcampo supermarkets and El Corte Ingles department stores are also offering clients the option of buying reusable bags. International Action 2011-01-04T18:29:08+00:00 Maria E.R. Mannucci - Individual responses to heat waves and climate change adaptation (Tyndall Centre) The importance of the cohesion between the citizens and climate change is high. As explained, Irene Lorenzoni, of the Tyndall Centre in Britain. Sustainable Development 2010-12-27T19:18:50+00:00 Maria E.R. Mannucci - The European Environment (State and Outlook Report 2010) Everything about Europe's environment at your finger tips. Europe's environment is changing. Find out how and why. International Action 2010-12-26T15:49:56+00:00 Maria E.R. Mannucci - Biodiversity Year Ends on a High Note as UN General Assembly New York/Nairobi, 21 December 2010: A new international body aimed at catalyzing a global response to the loss of biodiversity and world's economically-important forests, coral reefs and other ecosystems was born yesterday by governments at the United Nations 65th General Assembly (UNGA). Animal Kingdom 2010-12-24T11:57:09+00:00