Djifa Akomatsri - THINK ABOUT IT TH!NK ABOUT IT #2 en EJC Copyright 2013 2013-04-11T23:25:20+00:00 Djifa Akomatsri - Recycling: Plastic Bags, Unknown Gold Mine The use of plastics is common in households in Togo. According to statistics, a household uses at least 3 plastic bags a day. A trend that, worries environmentalists. Besides the toxicity of components of plastic bags, they are real enemies of nature. Containing benzoic elements, plastic bags are not easily degradable and took at least 450 years before being completely absorbed by the soil. Sustainable Development 2010-10-29T22:39:42+00:00 Djifa Akomatsri - GMO’s As Food Security Opportunity in Africa? Following the latest environmental and food crises on the African continent, many countries are considering the way of more sustainable production. Recent advances in genetic modification raises hopes to boot completely starving out of Africa. So increasingly, studies are conducted on the purpose of integration of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in agriculture to ensure food security on the continent. Agriculture 2010-10-29T22:13:25+00:00 Djifa Akomatsri - Ecological Disaster In Hahotoe (Togo): Population affected by Dental Fluorisis Populations of Aneho, Agbodrafo, Kpémé, Goumou-Kope and Aglome, no longer know where to turn. For nearly a decade, they suffer from a disease that corrodes or rather gnaw their teeth. It is the dental fluorosis, a condition caused by excess fluoride contamination of drinking water for residents. Even if they ignore the root of their evil, scientific studies have shown that residues from the exploitation of phosphate mining in the area of Hahotoé Kpogame are the cause. Health Effects 2010-10-29T21:18:19+00:00 Djifa Akomatsri - Preservation Of The Environment: A Book On The 50 Years Of Environmental History In Togo As part of the fiftieth anniversary of Togo’s international sovereignty, the balance needs to be done on all fronts and the environmental is not in rest. A book entitled "Togo: 1960-2010, 50 years of environmental history” has been edited for the occasion. Edited by the NGO Green Globe Togo, this book is a compilation of the efforts of those involved in environmental causes in Togo. Climate Reporting 2010-10-29T20:23:05+00:00 Djifa Akomatsri - Heat Wave 2010: The Record of 2007 Beaten Average temperatures on the rise, with Africa being hit extremely hard. Climate Reporting 2010-10-19T06:03:02+00:00