Pankaj Agarwal - THINK ABOUT IT TH!NK ABOUT IT #2 en EJC Copyright 2013 2013-04-11T23:25:20+00:00 Pankaj Agarwal - Cancun & Current Indian Landscape An archive of interesting readings on the current Indian landscape in the climate change situation. Sustainable Development 2010-12-03T04:24:23+00:00 Pankaj Agarwal - Female Literacy and Sustainable Development The important of female education and family planning in climate change mitigation and adaptation. Sustainable Development 2010-11-27T09:38:55+00:00 Pankaj Agarwal - 2080 - An Odyssey This is the future. Climate Reporting 2010-11-20T15:25:09+00:00 Pankaj Agarwal - India’s global initiative on Climate Change A global approach to address the global problem. A multi cultural platform set up by an Indian University to tackle climate change in a conventional way. International Action 2010-11-16T13:59:36+00:00 Pankaj Agarwal - Climate Change: India’s Solution- Part 2 of 2 The post finishing the series Climate Change and India. It talks about national level action plan that India has taken to adapt and mitigate the climate change concern. Climate Reporting 2010-11-13T11:35:56+00:00 Pankaj Agarwal - Climate Change: India’s Dilemma- Part 1 of 2 India, the so called global emerging power has its own dilemmas when it comes to addressing a global concern like climate change. But that mustn't stop it from performing what it must to be a responsible global player and playing a proactive role to achieve its long term interests. Climate Reporting 2010-11-10T19:40:57+00:00 Pankaj Agarwal - Nagoya Agreement - A win-win for developing economies COP10 to Convention on Biological Diversity was recently help in Nagoya, Japan from 18th - 29th October, 2010. The Nagoya agreement keeps a potential of giving the developing countries their due. Climate Politics 2010-11-08T20:10:05+00:00 Pankaj Agarwal - The Climate Change Trouble - South Asia At The Worst A study done by a UK based consultancy, Maplecroft identifies that some of the biggest economies of this world are also carrying the greatest risk arising from the climate change. The worst of the regions, as per the study is South Asia. International Action 2010-11-07T10:49:28+00:00 Pankaj Agarwal - Water Policy In India - A Need For Community Based Resource Management Water problem in India has increased drastically with the country's development. The gross mismanagement of the resource, poor irrigation systems and inefficiency in every single form calls for some pragmatic policy measures. Fresh Water 2010-11-06T16:50:14+00:00 Pankaj Agarwal - How to define Social Entrepreneurship My account of the appropriate way a Social Enterprise should be defined. Taking into account the environmental and the social aspect. Sustainable Development 2010-11-06T14:54:34+00:00