Selection procedure and criteria

The international jury will make the final decision on the winners of this competition. The jury will receive systematic assessment of the entries from the editor-in-chief.


  • Quality: Command of journalistic techniques including independent research; use of a variety of sources; investigative techniques; strong writing; and layout/structure of the competition entries.
  • Impact: Generating debate and discussion within the platform during the competition period. Authors are encouraged to respond to comments regularly in order to foster an interactive environment where readers feel they are a part of the platform. The jury will also take external media coverage and use of social media such as Facebook and Twitter into consideration. Please note that page-view statistics of a particular entry are not connected and will not affect the jury's decision.
  • Originality: Uniqueness and creativity in delivering information and messages. Rules of the competition prohibit any form of plagiarism and therefore content has to come from the blogger her/himself. When quoting text or using audiovisual material from other authors or sources, you should make sure to refer to the source and/or include a hyperlink to the primary source.
  • Use of Multimedia: Use of multimedia such as video, audio podcasts, slide-shows and photography is encouraged.
  • Progression: Personal development in journalistic skills and/or new media usage throughout the competition
  • Platform Engagement: Number of articles and comments as well as linking and sharing platform content with other contestants.

Post-competition feedback: how the criteria was used to pick individual winners will be communicated at the end of the contest period.