Introducing the New Reporters of the TH!NK Revamped Project!

The reporters for the new TH!NK project have been chosen. Let's give them all a round of applause!
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BenCyrus Ellorin (Philippines) am a freelance journalist and independent peace, environment, climate and renewable energy campaigner based in Cagayan de Oro in southern Philippines.… Read more
Djifa Akomatsri (Togo) I’m currently a news reporter in Crocodile News, a non-governmental weekly newspaper in Lome (TOGO). With five years experience in journalism, I am interested… Read more
Angela Corbalan (Brussels) Before joining TH!NK ABOUT IT, I had not yet found a clear reason to blog. I do now. Climate change is the most pressing issue facing humanity today and… Read more
Eamonn Fitzgerald (Munich) Ex-pat Irishman living at the foot of the Alps. Keeps an eye on the world from this vantage point. Read more
Peebles Squire (Blacksburg, Virginia, USA) Activist, VT Hokie, and loyal Virginian. The world is beautiful, let's not mess it up. Follow me on twitter here. Read more
Tjasa Gorjanc I was born in a small Slovenian town, Celje. I have always loved animals and i turned a vegetarian when I was 10 years old. Since then i've realised that… Read more